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About Bundles & Blooms


Flowers may fade, but the beauty of your wedding day will last forever.

Here at Bundles & Blooms, we consider it the highest honor to serve you in your merriest and most memorable moments. We strive to create wild, unique, swoon-worthy arrangements in order to bring our favorite part of nature (flowers of course!) to your most cherished events.

WE heartily believe in utilizing seasonal blooms - whether foraged or straight from our favorite North Carolina flower farms! Not only does this support our farm-to-bouquet mentality, but year after year the earth continues to commemorate your love as those same blooms spring back to life around your anniversary. What a way to celebrate!


I’m Janine, the creative mind behind all that happens here at Bundles & Blooms. I have a head full of thick curls, bare feet as often as possible, and a huge smile accompanied by constant belly laughs. Crossfit is my favorite hobby - there’s just nothing like making your body strong for everyday life - followed closely by strumming the ukulele. I have a champion of a husband whom I love more every day, a sweet little girl who is an absolute dream, and our kitten, Fitzwilliam, is named after a character in Pride & Prejudice (because who doesn’t love Mr. Darcy?!).

My love for flowers is rooted in an appreciation for the earth and all it has to offer. I’m constantly humbled by the beauty my hands hold, and believe that my job is to DESIGN FLOWERS IN A WAY THAT SIMPLY HIGHLIGHTS THAT BEAUTY. DOING SO FOR THE UNION OF TWO HEARTS IN LOVE? TRULY, THIS IS THE STUFF OF DREAMS!