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Love Notes

Love notes from our clients

The words our past clients share with us humble us greatly. We consider it an honor to be a part of each wedding day and believe that Marriage is one of the most beautiful adventures of this life.


The Andrews

“Once Ian and I were engaged, asking Janine to do our flowers was one of the first things we checked off our “to-do” list! We knew she would put her heart and soul into making our flowers perfect because that’s simply how God created her to work and serve others. Janine took the time to meet with me personally multiple times before the wedding so she could really know exactly what I wanted. I was hoping for a “colorful wildflower” look and she ensured me a local North Carolina farm would provide her with exactly what she needed. Without hesitation I said, “Okay! You just have fun with it, I trust you!” 

Early on in our planning I had told Janine I really wanted pansies incorporated somehow. She told me she would try her hardest but eventually advised me that it just wasn’t possible because they were such a fragile flower. However, as she showed me my bouquet and flower comb for the first time she pointed out one tiny purple pansy hidden in each and the first set of tears that day filled my eyes! This is what you sign up for when Janine works for you. A friend that wants to serve you in every little way and will do so beautifully because she’s doing it with every bit of her heart.”

The Sassamans

“The flowers were one of the top things of my wedding that I was most excited about. Janine was amazing as she helped me decide on how many arrangements we would need, what they would like, the vases they should go in, etc. She spent so much time envisioning each centerpiece, boutonnière, bouquet, and arbor piece with me. She helped turn my ideas and dreams into actual flowers right in front of me! On the day of our wedding, I think Janine was the first person to get to the venue. She spent the entire day working and putting each flower into its perfect place. Before the end of my wedding, she even took the time to save all of the pieces that I wanted to keep and made sure that they had a safe place to dry out. Janine has an amazing gift working with flowers and making people's ideas into reality! Her attention to detail and the level of care and love that she puts into each piece is what makes her the most unique florist. I cannot thank her enough!”

The Naylors

“Janine did such a wonderful job with the flowers for my wedding! She was able to create bouquets even more beautiful than I had in mind. She combined all of my ideas for florals that were the perfect finishing touches to the decorations I had planned! She was such a joy to work with and to have around on my wedding day!”